Trading Technical SEO For Haunted Office Space Yields Overnight Results.

I was running a call once in Mt. Pleasant SC when my client started questioning about how I got it to rank at #1 on Google. I explained to her that before I opened my repair service I had been a professional web designer for 7 years.

That led to the offer of free office space in the old City Gaol in Downtown Charleston where the American College Of The Building Arts was located at the time.

In short, by optimizing the photos on their site, I caused their rankings to jump overnight which yielded brought in the first 6 email inquiries for prospective the sight had seen in 7 years. You can read more on the technical aspects of that optimization here.

But I thought I should like to share a short article on the history of the jail and share a few photos since this was a once in a life time opportunity.

The Old Charleston City Gaol is a historic landmark located in Charleston, South Carolina. It was built in 1802 and served as a prison until 1939. Over the years, the gaol housed many infamous criminals, including pirates, slaves, and Civil War prisoners. Today, the gaol is said to be haunted by the ghosts of some of its most notorious inmates.

The construction of the Old Charleston City Gaol was authorized by the state legislature in 1797. It was designed by architect Gabriel Manigault and constructed between 1802 and 1804. The gaol was built to house prisoners awaiting trial and those serving sentences for various crimes.

During its long history, the gaol held some of Charleston’s most notorious inmates. One of the most famous inmates was Lavinia Fisher, who was executed for highway robbery in 1820. Fisher and her husband were said to have lured travelers to their inn and then robbed and murdered them. Fisher was the first woman to be executed in South Carolina.

Another infamous inmate was Denmark Vesey, who was held at the gaol before being executed in 1822. Vesey was a former slave who had purchased his freedom and become a leader in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was accused of planning a slave rebellion in Charleston, and although the evidence against him was weak, he was found guilty and hanged.

Other notable inmates at the gaol included the notorious pirate Anne Bonny and her partner Mary Read, who were held at the gaol before being transported to Jamaica for trial. The gaol also held Union prisoners of war during the Civil War.

The Old Charleston City Gaol was known for its harsh conditions, and many inmates died within its walls. The gaol was overcrowded, and prisoners were often subjected to inhumane treatment. Some inmates were left to die of disease and starvation, while others were executed.

Today, the Old Charleston City Gaol is a museum and a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can tour the gaol and learn about its history, including the stories of its most infamous inmates. Many visitors also report experiencing strange occurrences while inside the gaol, including cold spots, unusual sounds, and ghostly apparitions.

The gaol’s most famous ghost is said to be Lavinia Fisher, who is said to haunt the gaol’s fourth floor. Visitors have reported seeing her ghostly figure and hearing her voice. Other ghosts said to haunt the gaol include the spirits of Union prisoners who died in the gaol during the Civil War.

Shortly before my tenure there, they had shut down the renovations in the basement for Christmas break. Since they had been interrupted cutting stone, there had been a fine film of dust left all over the floors. When the workers returned they found the foot prints of a child were scattered through out, as if a toddler had been wondering.

It is worthy to note that in those times, if a woman was imprisoned, the child often accompanied them. There were many who died while imprisoned over the years and it’s believed their spirits roam the premises as well.

In conclusion, the Old Charleston City Gaol is a fascinating piece of history that tells the story of Charleston’s past. Its infamous inmates, including Lavinia Fisher and Denmark Vesey, have left their mark on the gaol, and their ghosts are said to haunt its halls to this day. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a visit to the Old Charleston City Gaol is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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